For Children:

Our play based curriculum for different age groups combines the best practices in early childhood education and philosophy. 

Our school environment offers four different interest areas designed to provide challenges that contribute to children's growth and development. 

Our program focuses on social, emotional, cognitive, language, and physical growth at the individual level. 

Our high teacher to child ratio enables teachers to nurture each child's self-esteem, curiosity, imagination, and love of learning. Teachers respect each child's individuality by providing an environment that encourages self-discovery and allows children to learn at their own pace.

Our programs are founded on two core beliefs:

  1. Learning is best achieved through play and hands-on exploration, promoting positive school experiences.
  2. An environment where teachers and parents share responsibilities and partner in caring for and nurturing their children is the most productive form of education.

For Families:

Our foundation rests on the fact that children thrive in a safe environment, and that parents are the gatekeepers/ safety vaults. 

We encourage parents to actively participate in every aspect of their child’s education. 

We strive to provide a fun learning environment where children and families form lasting friendships.

For Community:

We strive for a diverse community that is united in its commitment to parent involvement in our children’s learning, growth, and development.

Our programs incorporate activities that enhance the community

We consider tuition assistance to families with demonstrated need when feasible.

Our Values

​WPNS creates a nurturing, positive community to allow children and their families the opportunity to learn, communicate, play and grow together. By encouraging children to be active and creative explorers of art, music, literature, nature, and the community, we provide a foundation for acquiring the skills children need to succeed both now and in the future. Our daily schedules and community events aim to deliver a strong foundation to the children and families.

​​Why Choose a Co-Op?

Our Mission

Congratulations on being interested in a co-op! At WPNS, your child will benefit from the consistent presence of a group of parents and teachers who love and care for them. You and your family will also benefit from the strong community and relationships that you will build at WPNS. One of the things that makes WPNS such a unique place are the parents - their gift of time, special talents, and dedication to all of our children.

Parents are involved in every facet of the school including participating in the classroom, serving on a committee and keeping the facility operating effectively. Parent meetings serve as a forum for discussion, parent education, current news, and events. In addition, parents serve on the annually-elected Board of Directors which governs the school.

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Where the power of learning is experienced through play!