Where the power of learning is experienced through play!

By training I am a teacher, parent educator, and therapist.  I am interested in solution focused support, non profit, early mental health, early childhood education, family services, special needs assessment, healthcare, and advocacy. My career has been in service of families, because I believe this is where we can have the most positive impact on our communities and our future.  
I have a long history in co-op nursery programs, I attended RPNS co-op nursery school as a child, and my 2 children, now aged 11 and 13 attended Open Gate. I believe that any level of parent involvement is beneficial to a child's school experience. I also understand how critical it is for families to balance what works for them. Each family is its own unique combination of needs, personalities and values this is what makes every family special.
I have loved working with every age group but the 2's have remained one of my favorite ages The developmental leaps and bounds that children experience in preschool are astounding. I adore their creativity, their dramatic play, the intensity of their emotions, their sweetness, and their honest view of the world! I am especially interested in helping preschool children and families develop healthy loving and positive relationships as a foundation for future learning in schools. I am excited to be joining a community of families at WPNS
My Specialties include Program Consultation for Quality, Inclusion, Behavior Support, Special Needs Children, Early Childhood Education, Parent Education, NAEYC Accreditation. I also have experience with teen parents, low income, homeless, and high risk families.
In my spare time I love to spend time and travel with my family, hike, camp, and spend time with friends in all kinds of historical events. I am also singer, performer and historic costumer and I love to learn. I never get bored and I still love dress up!

Karen Fox