The role of the teacher is to provide a stimulating environment in which children can learn crucial skills, build self-esteem through varied and age-appropriate play experiences and interact with other children and adults. The staff members of each class meet weekly to determine specific aspects of the curriculum and to discuss issues, concerns and observations of the children. All of our teachers work together with the parents to ensure the safety and well-being of each child.

Working Parents:

Each member is assigned to work in the classroom on a rotating basis. Parents act as Teacher's Aides, helping children with art projects, inside and outside activities, and maintaining general order and cleanliness during class. The "Snack Parent" is additionally responsible for preparing the morning snack and supplementing it with fresh fruits or vegetables.

Class Representatives:

Each class has a member who acts as a liaison between their class and the Board of Directors. Part of their responsibilities include arranging volunteer help for class parties, scheduling "Mom's Night Out" and assisting the Staff with classroom help (such as making playdough or gak, making birthday crowns, or taking candid photos of the children at school). The Class Rep is also responsible for creating the "working-parent" schedule (distributed electronically in advance). Each parent is responsible for submitting their monthly work requests to the Class Rep by the 5th of the preceding month. Parents will receive their working schedules by the 15th of that same preceding month.

Committee Assignments:

We owe our success not only to our experienced and dedicated staff, but also to our membership who fulfills all the other duties necessary to run our school. We welcome all of our members' special talents and depend on their help for everything from laundering towels and costumes to running our fundraisers. When you join WPNS, the Vice President of the Board will contact you to coordinate an appropriate committee assignment.

Parent Membership Duties:

To fulfill our co-op responsibilities, we all must:

  • Participate as a "working-parent" in the classroom (approximately 1-2 times a month)
  • Serve on at least one committee
  • Attend parent meetings
  • Participate in one "Community Rebuilding Day" per school year (three 4-hour sessions offered per year)
  • Support our fundraisers to the best of your ability
  • Submit prompt payment of tuition and fees

Bylaws, Rules and Procedures:
Governance of the WPNS community is administered through the comprehensive Bylaws and Standing Rules. A copy of the Bylaws is available electronically and is given to each family at the time of enrollment.

Roles and Responsibilities

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