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We are members of Amazon's Affiliate Program, through which we can earn a percentage of your Amazon.com purchases. Go to smile.amazon.com and enter "Woodside Parents Nursery School" in the search box.  Select our school as your charity for the program.  Make sure to access your Amazon account through smile.amazon.com every time you make a purchase!

Support Our School

WPNS is a non-profit organization.  To keep our tuition as low as possible and maintain our high standards for early education, we depend on fundraising and donations.

We hope that all of our families (and other interested parties) do what they can to help support us.

Throughout the year, we have several events that are not only designed to build a sense of community, they also raise money for our school.  We do family dine-outs, pasta dinners, and a pancake breakfast.  We also have an annual Book Fair and our major fundraiser for the year is our annual Auction.

There are also two incredibly easy ways to help our school on an ongoing basis that cost you nothing: Amazon Smile and the eScrip program.

Donation Information:
If you would like to donate to Woodside Parents' Nursery School, you may do so here.  WPNS is a 501(3)c. Donations to charity are tax deductible expenses.  These expenses can reduce your taxable income and lower your tax bill.  Not everyone will be able to deduct their charitable contributions however. Please contact your accountant/financial advisor for further information/clarification.